capital budgeting

It Is A Commonly Used Measure Of Investment Efficiency.

Another.xample presented incorporates discount rates over time and MPV in the context of project decisions. For example, to determine the present value of any amount X received five years from now, at an interest rate of 8% per annum, one would find the factor at the crossroads of Row 5 and the Column for 8% the factor is 0.6806, and multiply this factor by the amount X. However, it seeks to build on the concept of the future value of money which may be spent now. As you might surmise, the payback period is probably best served when dealing with small and simple investment projects. As the machine is depreciated, the accumulated depreciation account balance increases, and the net book investment decreases. However, only one, i.e., the best project can be accepted. However, if income taxes are incorporated into the capital budgeting decision as should normally be the case, then depreciation expense becomes relevant, because depreciation expense reduces taxable income, and hence reduces tax expense. For example, how do the revenues, expenses, and cash flows realized from an investment compare to the predictions? However, MPV and IPR need not provide the same answer if projects that require different investments are compared. The Weighted Average Cost of Capital WAAC is a concept from corporate finance that frequently serves as an appropriate discount rate for capital budgeting decisions. Hopefully the company would do projects which earn much more than the cost of capital, but, to play it safe, we just use the cost of capital instead. The two rates of return and the inflation rate are linked by the equation: 1 + money rate = 1 + real rate x 1 + inflation rate where all the rates are expressed as proportions. 1 + 0.40 = 1 + 0.0769 x 1 + 0.3 So, which rate is used in discounting? A characteristic feature of capital projects is that the bulk of the cash outflows precede the cash inflows. Inflation is particularly important in developing countries as the rate of inflation tends to be rather high. Simplified and hybrid methods are used as well, such as payback period and discounted payback period .

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Small.usinesses using payback period computations should account for the time value of money in order to create a more accurate representation of when investments become profitable. This should reflect the riskiness of the investment, typically measured by the volatility of cash flows, and must take into account the financing mix. These costs, excluding depreciation, are expected to rise by 10% each year because of inflation. Determining the cost of equity is more difficult, and constitutes an important topic in the area of finance. Should the firm go ahead with the project? Setting the MPV equal to zero in the MPV equation, and solving for the present value factor:             0 = $8,000 x the present value factor – $26,000             Þ present value factor = 3.25 Looking in Row 4 of Table 2 since the life of the annuity is four years, the closest factor to 3.25 is 3.2397 in the column for 9%. The same decision rule is true for discounted payback period . For example, one might be happy with a return of 10% with zero inflation, but if inflation was 20%, one would expect a much greater return.

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