I Was Playing Violin, Isaac Was On Guitar, And We Had Kind Of A Bluegrass Sound Together, Said Markman, Who Has Been Playing Violin Since He Was 4.

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Shamati plays to ‘get people dancing’ at simchas | j. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California

Nathaniel Markman (left) and Isaac Zones of Shamati The Hebrew word shamati means I have heard you, and that choice for the bands name was deliberate. The phrase represents some of what I feel works about the group, Zones said. We listen to each other as people, as well as musicians. Markman and Zones met in 2010 at Camp Tawonga, near Yosemite, where the two were song leaders and musicians. I was playing violin, Isaac was on guitar, and we had kind of a bluegrass sound together, said Markman, who has been playing violin since he was 4. His instrument originally belonged to his great-grandmother, who bought it in 1922 in Brooklyn. I have fun using my violin to take a song with a klezmer feel in one beat and turning it into a bluegrass song in the next, he added. Both Markman, who lives in Oakland, and Zones, a native San Franciscan, lived for a time in Los Angeles, where they saw amazing Jewish bands, according to Markham. Their goal was to create a Bay Area band that could get people dancing. Their first job was in 2013 at Wilderness Torahs Sukkot on the Farm, and they have played there each year since then, enticing up to 300 people onto the dance floor with music that includes Israeli tunes, American pop, Jewgrass, Motown and folk songs. Band members also routinely play and lead songs at area Shabbat services. Shamati also plays at simchas and other events, while Markman and other band members have produced albums featuring Shabbat and High Holy Day music. We have found our little niche in the Bay Area, he said.

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