Future Value Is The Value Of A Commodity Or An Asset At A Future Period.

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Under This The Physical Controls Used For The Prevention Of Theft And Mismanagement Are Covered.

It is calculated by Asset Turnover Ratio = Total Revenue / Average Assets. Loan is when a lender allows the borrower to take some of the assets owned by the lender for a specified amount of time, that will be returned at the end of the specified period along with interest. Document control is the department in the company that looks after the documentation in the company and take care of all the documents. Remuneration is the act of paying for the goods purchased or services received. Setoff is a way of discharging a debt by creating a debt of the same amount against the creditor, by the sale of goods etc. Price to Book Ratio = Stock Capitalization / Book Value of Shares Price to Cash Flow Ratio = Price per Share / Cash Flow per Share Price to revenue = Market Value per Share / Revenue per Share Prime Cost is the total of direct materials and direct labour used for production Proceeds is the money that comes into the business on account of sales etc. Interest rate is a percentage of the total investment/debt at which the interest amount is given/paid. Alternate payee endorsement is when the original payee endorses the draft to another entity, and this other entity endorses it again. Brought Down. Future value is the value of a commodity or an asset at a future period. Expendable item is one that can be used and discarded and will not affect the end product. A wide range of Enterprise Resource Planning eras and accounting software packages have enabled accountants to keep records in an orderly manner. Fake and fabricated accounts, fake expenses, assets, or income to show that the company is in good financial condition is simply done to maintain the company's brand name in the financial market, and increase its stock prices.

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Reimbursement Is To Repay The Amount To A Person Who Had Previously Borne The Expense On Our Behalf.

Open book credit is a form of credit where the payment may not be assured. The rate of interest is said to be implicit when the stated interest rate is different from the market rate. Nominal interest rate is the rate of interest that is specified in the contract document for a bond, loan, etc. Well, as far as the revenue recognition principle is concerned, help is here! Cash earnings are defined as the excess of cash revenue over cash expenses in an accounting period. Profit is the excess of income over expenses. Professional fees are the fees charged by service professionals for the service delivered by them. Endorsement is to forward a note/bill/check by the original payee. Opportunity cost is the value that indicates how much you have lost by choosing one alternative from a given number of choices. Residual value is defined as the book value of a fixed asset after it has been fully depreciated.

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